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Towns under quarantine and its up to YOU to feed the townsfolk!

• Climb to the top as customers visit your Hotdog Cart!

• Upgrade your park to slowly generate income!

• Watch your neighbors live their lives!

• Pick up trash and recycle to earn some extra cash!

• INVEST INVEST INVEST in your local businesses to earn more $$$

Avoid WASPS and kill them with your hot juicy weiners!




F to throw trash bag

B to open build menu

E to interact

ESC to open pause menu

Left Mouse Button to throw a Weiner


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1 USD. You will get access to the following files:

polygon-hotdog-quarantine-win.zip 586 MB
Version 3

Development log


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anyway I Remade It If That Is  Okay

Thanks, would appreciate if it were a different name however as I do plan to update.

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ok thank you so much and how much will it cost to buy it and can you build it for mac as well pls:)?

(1 edit) (+1)

¿Why did I get it for free?

If it was a gift, thank you

I suppose

ya entiendo porque era gratis ._.

The adventures of a Weinerboy refusing his destiny to sell weiners has come to an end. After jumping the fence, he was never seen again.. Loved it!! ^^


:D Loved your video- the bear trap is ineffective against wieners lol

Hahaha thanks for watching dude!! ^^

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100% off? roses are red violets are blue a free game thank you! ;D edit: same shit as fortnite on pc i get this error: "DX11 feature level 10.0 is required to run the engine" after i click on OK the message is gone but the game wont start! can someone help me out?

my one tip is to never go afk while this game is running.... so.... many.... bees.....


It is coool

I had some fun with this game! 

I dont know why but my oculus vr app keeps on starting when i launch the game so ia cannot play it on PC

Been reported to happen on another game of mine too: ALIEN ZOMBIES

Looking into it now

Believe I've found it, will post a hotfix tonight after work

Im sorry but the problem seems to remain

I should be saying sorry, my day job got away from me and hadn't time to work on game. The plug-ins causing Steam VR and other VR devices to boot up I will have disabled as soon as I get home today, my apologies for the delay

Thanks again for following back up with me and the reminder, I do appreciate it

Fix uploaded- also made home safe from wasps, let me know if VR starts still


Sus how?

Honestly enjoying this game. Here are some thoughts about 30 minutes in (disregard if these are able to be fixed later on in the game):

  • Your home isn't safe; which almost always guarantees a wasp hit while you try to buy more hotdogs. Adding a way to close doors or making the home safe would solve this. The animation for entering the computer could also be made much faster to potentially fix this as well, or just not have an animation all-together (press e to buy 15 dogs).
  • Bags of food behave randomly. It took me a while to figure out you CAN pick them up by pressing the right mouse button which is different than any other trash item, however it only works sometimes. It's unclear to me how these are supposed to be interacted with. This happens with other trash items occasionally too but almost always with bags of food.
  • The ability to upgrade your wieners would be nice so that you use less with each toss, thus making you more efficient. This could be unlocked with cash or a combination of cash plus achievements (kill 50/200/500 wasps)
  • Hungry villagers could spawn that act similarly to wasps where you throw them a dog for some cash, perhaps they litter afterwards too
  • Trash cans could be purchased that have a low % of inspiring a villager to pickup trash on your behalf, generating additional passive income
  • It's not clear what investing in businesses do. I wager they increase popularity which then increases sales at your stand, but that's just a guess. Villagers don't purchase dogs from the new stands you create so I'm left wondering if I wasted a bunch of money.
  • BUG - While in the Build menu you're able to buy multiple versions of the same item for no benefit. I purchased 3 gazeebos before I noticed this. You have to buy the item, leave the build menu, and return for it to be off the menu.
  • The physics of turning around is a bit clunky. You're unable to do quick 180's which makes kiting a hornet that spawned near you a nuisance since your character throws the hotdog the direction they're facing vs. where you're looking. The amount of dogs I've wasted because my guy can't turn quickly is over 100.
  • Improvements to your character would be  a nice thing to sink money into: more health, less damage from hornets, faster running, potentially health regen either passively or with each kill/hotdog sale
  • A hornet's killed tracker would be nice since we have big trackers for dogs sold and trash recycled 
  • Speaking of trash, lots of upgrade potential there too: perhaps every 10 trash the bin is closed for 30 seconds to 'compact it' which acts as a time gate. Then you can upgrade the speed or the capacity of the bin. You could also upgrade the amount of cash you get for each piece recycled or increase spawn rate.
  • Lastly, something I noticed later into the game is that hotdog sales actually slowed the more upgrades I purchased. I had idled for a few minutes early on while on a call and had about $4k but now, maybe an hour or so later, a few minutes of idle nets me maybe $200. Not sure what's going on there.


Thank you SO SO much for all of your comments, many such as the Home not being safe and the odd piece of trash not being able to be picked up I've encountered as well. Always looking to make improvements and looking to collab with others to make fun/flash like games. All of your points are valid and I can see the idle function not being 100% effective ATM, and am working on a new solution

You've already made an awesome, unique idle game in that it's 3d so props to you! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

Great game so far. Can I save my progress? There doesn't seem to be a menu to exit the game.

Hey thanks for the comment! I will work on those edits now and release them soon! Please reach out with any other suggestions of fixes or additions you'd like me to try and work on/add.

Update released!

Thank you.

Anytime! Thanks for the comment again, please let us know of any bugs, fixes, or add ons you'd like to see